· Veilish (Product) is a fabric privacy film that is made of fabric and is characterized by soft reflection and can be easily attached and peeled off using removable adhesive.

· We recommend a sample test before purchase.

· If the color of the existing adhered surface (glass) is a dark solid color or a point or pattern type, it may show through. Adhesion may vary depending on the material of the adhered surface, usage environment, temperature and humidity. (For areas with severe embossing or unevenness, be sure to sample before purchasing Please proceed with the test.)


· Sample size is 170mm (6.69") x 230mm (9.05").

· We will send you up to 10 designs of your choice.

· Depending on the sample production period, there may be differences in color even with the same design. The different color of the sample and the original product is not a defect, and exchanges and refunds are not possible due to this.