SPACETAILOR started our business from the idea “Can we clothe our windows?” SPACETAILOR believes that by using ‘Window Decorating Film’ as an interior design accessory, we can easily match the energy to each unique feeling or season. Our brand not only considers our products artistic value, but its price and practicality. We pride ourselves in our attentive customer service model. Offering personalized design ideas for everyday life - we ensure your satisfaction with our unique support team who will help YOU find 'MY ONLY PATTERN IN MY OWN SPACE'. Check out SPACETAILOR's first branding film right away.


Veilish unveils a new branding film for 2021. We would like to unravel the first story in the series 'Unveil your memories with Veilish'. In this first short film, Veilish introduces the intimate memories of lovers. When we talk about memories, we think of places. Veilish wants to be with you in the memories of unforgettable spaces. The first branding film of Veilish - an innovative fabric window film brand. Check it now.


HOW TO INSTALL VEILISH? Easy to install. Easy to remove. Veilish is approaching your space in 2020. Start the year right with our new collection"WINDOWS DRESSED UP!" Veilish offers a unique fabric appeal that is different from conventional plastic films. We added a warm feeling to the fabric of everyday life. It will remind you of the warmth and comfort of your favorite cozy fabric, but it doesn’t stop there. This is just the beginning of the ‘Veilish’ collection, so follow us for more great ideas. Curious to hear more about Veilish's big moves in 2020. Check it out HERE now.