Our Philosophy

In commercial spaces, the demand for printed interiors like walls, windows, and floors is increasing. Offering original designs can differentiate your business from competitors. For that reason, high quality films and premium designs are the most important factors. Therefore, Space Tailor wants to help you differentiate your business from competitors by supplying you with special film media (printable with solvent, Latex, and UV) that other companies cannot provide, and free hand-drawn pattern designs created by professional artists  Space Tailor supports the revival of interior pattern design. We are looking forward to working with partners who understand the value of design creations and are ready to open a new era in the printing and interior design markets. 

How to use Space Tailor?

1. Sign the contract and become a member of Space Tailor

2. Purchase the print media in your local area

3. Send the codes from the product boxes by email

4. Receive the pattern designs

5. Print the designs with solvent, latex or UV inks, and offer them to your clients