Nala's Summer Vacation VL6012C(W)

· Product : Veilish

· Size : 90cm (35.4") x 2.4M (94.4")

· Material : 100% Polyester fabric

· About this item

1. Veilish is a self-adhesive product that does not require any special installation method or additional adhesive. The back liner peels off easily, so Veilish can be applied to the surface just like a sticker. The adhesive is similar to those used for popular memo stickers, so Veilish can be removed without any problems.

2. No more use of plastic film in your valuable space. Veilish is a natural window fabric that can act as a self-adhesive net curtain. It is an ideal non-PVC alternative to traditional decorative window films and foils.
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Product Description

Self-adhesive semi-transparent polyester fabric for covering windows and other smooth surfaces including metal and plastic. It will provide indoor privacy without blocking the view outdoors.



Veilish can be mounted on smooth and flat surfaces such as glass, polished stainless steel and lacquered surfaces.

- Veilish must be mounted within 7 days after delivery to maintain its best condition.

- The mounting surface must be dry and at least 10 degrees Celsius (50℉) to guarantee good condition.

- Measure the size of the surface to be covered and cut the material approximately 10 cm larger in size.

- Peel back the first 20~30cm (8~12") of the liner from the fabric, and be sure not to distort or stretch the fabric.

- Apply the fabric from top to bottom by slowly peeling back the release liner. Use firm and consistent pressure with a squeegee or rubber roller to adhere the product to the glass surface.

- Cut away the excess material with a ruler and a sharp knife, and be careful not to damage rubber seals.

- The best result with a practically invisible seam can be achieved by first applying the panels to the window with an overlap and making a cut through the overlap with a sharp knife.

- Be sure not to damage the window. This can be prevented by first applying a strip of the product under the seam as a third layer. After cutting, remove the excess material

.- Veilish has a repositionable adhesive which means that during mounting it can be repositioned.(*Once mounted, do not reposition the product.)


Wet Conditions

It is not recommended to use the product in wet conditions or spaces with a high-risk for condensation, as it may lose its adhesive properties.


Thermal stress

Under normal conditions, the product does not cause stress in the window, however, thermal stress may occur in windows when the surface is printed with dark colors and/or placed under direct sunlight. Very dark printed graphics and the black version of Veilish are not recommended forHR++(+) windows. Faulty installation, spot heating or uneven exposure to strong sunlight may cause cracks.



Do's and Don'ts:

- Dust can be removed with a lint-free cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a brush, just be sure that the brush is clean

.- If dust particles do not come off easily, a sticky roller/lint remover same as one used for clothing can be used.

- Do not clean the product with a wet sponge, steam, or water jet. It may lose its adhesive properties.

- Do not remove the product and/or wash it, as the adhesive will lose its strength and can not be re-applied.

- If a window is partly covered with Veilish, clean the part that is not covered with a microfiber cloth and a window cleaning solution such as Glassex. Be sure not to use an excessive amount of glasses, as it may leave stains on the fabric.



Veilish can be removed easily by lifting a corner and pulling the fabric back. After removal, the adhesive will lose its strength so it cannot be reused. Some adhesives may stay behind after removal. This can be easily removed with sticker remover or soap and water.



The product must be stored in a cool and dark place in its original packaging to prevent pressure marks. Recommended temperature is 15-25 degrees Celsius (60~80℉), with relative humidity between35~55%. Be sure that unused material stays tightly wound on its original core to prevent tunneling. Fix the product on its core with a strip of paper and adhesive tape.


Period of Use

Veilish can be used for 7 years if it is not taken off, however, product life may vary due to circumstances (ex. humidity, temperature, etc).



- If you want to order extra rolls to mount with the previous product, colors can be different even if it is the same design. So please order the necessary quantities at once if the products are going to be installed at the same place.

- Veilish is an order-made product so cancellation/refund/exchange due to a change of mind are not available.

- The tone of the product can be different due to your computer monitor.

- It is hard to cancel and exchange if you are not attentive to the description.

Nala's Summer Vacation VL6012C(W)

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