The Space Tailor brand was recently featured in a special supplement created by the Printweek magazine about the trends within the wide format printing industry for 2022. The article is focused on embracing the printerior market opportunities under the unusual new circumstances. 


As an aftermath of the pandemic, many printing and signage businesses had to change their operating models, and unfortunately, some of them had to close their doors indefinitely. In the new business landscape, printers try to find new ways of staying afloat with the new demands of the market. The solution proposed by Space Tailor is to expand their range of services to the attractive area of the wide format market, which are the printed interior elements – printeriors. 

Ironically, one of the reasons for the increased demand for printeriors is the pandemic itself. While the signage market suffered due to the closure of the hospitality sector, the interior market continued to grow. The consumer demand for customization and personalization is one of the biggest drives of development. Printers already operating on the wide format market can only benefit from the service expansion, as they already have all the necessary elements to start creating printed interior elements. 

With Space Tailor’s help, the businesses can expand their ability to deliver creative projects and elevate their status from simply a supplier to a partner. This will allow them to find new opportunities within the industry like creating their own chains of supply.

"Look out for more magazine articles about Space Tailor this year. See you around!"

Check out the full article in the Printweek supplement