Space Tailor Veilish

Space Tailor recently collaborated with Veilish - a brand of self-adhesive fabric interior films.

Veilish fabric films can be used as window covering, wallpaper, signage material, etc. 

Space Tailor’s designs can be directly printed on Veilish to create unique interior decorations.

The ideas are infinite if you use your imagination.


Easy Installation

Easy Removal

Veilish is a self-adhesive fabric film that does not require any special installation method or additional adhesive. The back liner peels off easily, so Veilish can be applied to the surface just like a sticker. The adhesive is similar to those used for popular memo stickers, so Veilish can be removed without any problems. Everyone in their lifetime struggled with removing the remaining sticker glue, but the remaining adhesive of Veilish (if any) can be removed with just soap and water. The surface will be ready to apply another design of Veilish in the same spot. Also, as Veilish is made of fabric, it can be removed in one piece without tearing.

No more use of plastic film

No more use of plastic film in your valuable space. Veilish is a natural window fabric that can act as a self-adhesive net curtain. It is an ideal non-PVC alternative to traditional decorative window films and foils.


- Premium alternative to PVC films

- No harmful substances 

- Natural surface 

- No shrinkage