Veilish is a self-adhesive textile film that can be used as window covering. It does not require any special installation method or additional adhesive. The back liner peels off easily, so Veilish can be applied to the surface just like a sticker. The adhesive is similar to those used for popular memo stickers, so Veilish can be removed without any problems. It is an ideal non-PVC alternative to traditional decorative window films and foils.Everyone in their lifetime struggled with removing the remaining sticker glue, but the remaining adhesive of Veilish (if any) can be removed with just soap and water. The surface will be ready to apply another design of Veilish in the same spot. Also, as Veilish is made of fabric, it can be removed in one piece without tearing.


We always take a moment to “fit check” our “OOTD”. But what about our window films? Why not keep them as on-trend as our wardrobe? SPACETAILOR started our business from the idea “Can we clothe our windows?” SPACETAILOR believes that by using ‘Window Decorating Film’ as an interior design accessory, we can easily match the energy to each unique feeling or season. Our brand not only considers our products artistic value, but also its price and practicality. We pride ourselves in our attentive customer service model. Offering personalized design ideas for everyday life - we ensure your satisfaction with our unique support team who will help YOU find 'MY ONLY PATTERN IN MY OWN SPACE'.